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Do you need to get workforce without actually employing; that means without any legal consequences? Use personnel outsourcing provided by our company. We offer workforce outsourcing on the basis of permission from the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs. This way it is possible to hire any professional according to the Client's wishes.

The process is very simple

The Customer chooses a specific employee who will then be employed by our company. Then, we enter into a contract for a limited period of time with the customer, which will not exceed one year, for the lease of the selected employee. This contract may be entered into repeatedly. The customer will pay for leasing the employee and the price will include costs of the leased employee as well as a commission.

What are the advantages for you?

The customer does not have to take care of all administration associated with employing a worker, such as payroll administration, reporting to the authorities, tax processing, personnel agenda etc. Our company will take of everything. It also pays the employee's salary. The customer is only responsible for managing the specific employee and for paying invoices for leasing the employee from our company. Therefore, other employees of the customer will not have any information about the salary. This way the customer may very flexibly respond to the personnel needs of the company, better manage its human resources and plan more operatively. Thanks to personnel outsourcing, the customer does not need to fear state punishment for using the "Svarc System" (illicit freelance work).


Our company will provide the best services that you can fully count on.

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We only use proven software
that you can depend on.

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