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účetnictví a daňové poradenství účetnictví a daňové poradenství
personal outsourcing personal outsourcing
vývoj software vývoj software


  • 2012 - We worked hard on our corporate identity and rejuvenated the presentation of our brand
  • 2011 - In 2011, we started cooperation with Flexibee systems s.r.o. and transferred our clients to a unique cloud solution of their accounting and information system.
  • 2006 - Starting in 2006, we enriched the range of offered services by personnel outsourcing as a new and modern method of achieving workforce flexibility.
  • 2001 - After 2011, the company continued to grow and gradually profiled into two divisions of SW and accounting; activities in HW significantly declined.
  • 1999 - In 1999, we moved to our current location and started to supply SW to another major client.
  • 1998 - In 1998, we stabilized our client base in accounting (we are still working with most clients today) and the range of offered services expanded with mediation of auditing services and tax consulting.
  • 1994 - In 1994, we successfully attended the Invex Fair in Brno with this software. During the same year, we received our first SW job with Škoda auto a.s. and expanded the range of services offered by our company with book keeping which we offered together with the sales of our accounting SW Partner TGR. After supplying first SW for Škoda auto a.s., we became a regular supplier of specialized software to this company and our cooperation still continues today.
  • 1993 - The first sold SW product is our own accounting SW Partner TGR in 1993
  • 1992 - The company was established in April 1992 as a SW and HW company


Our company will provide the best services that you can fully count on.

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We only use proven software
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Tigra will not play Fool's Day jokes on you

April 1st, the day of feared accounting deadlines is here. How did your accounting company handle the closing date? Did it play a Fool's Day joke on you? If you are not sure about its services, change it! Do not hesitate to contact Tigra, a company that connects serious approach and more than 20…

Custom Solutions Tailored to Our Clients' Needs

Tigra always tries to fully respect its client's wishes, requirements and customs. Together, we can find a solution that will be precisely tailored to the needs of your company - from book keeping, which will be fully in our competence, to book keeping at our client's site. Let Tigra tailor a…

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