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Our accounting firm pays off! Do you know why it is more cost-efficient than an accountant whom you will have to employ?

  • Your administration will be simpler.
  • Our company will be fully responsible for any incurred damages; an internal employee only covers costs up to the amount of his 4.5 average monthly paychecks.
  • Our company has professional liability insurance.
  • You will save a considerable amount of money - health insurance and social security deductions for employees, employee training and education and IT equipment and work aids for the employee's work station.
  • Our company does not take time off - we will work all year round for you without a single outage.
  • We are a tax payer and therefore we can claim deductions.
  • Our accounting services are tax deductible as expenses.
  • We will pick up documents in your company's headquarters, enter them into the books and store them in our facilities or we will come and do the book keeping at your site.

We provide services that are tailored to your needs, discreetly and responsibly. When keeping the books, we consider ourselves to be very flexible; our client's wishes are crucial for us. Our company does not require any specific software, we can adapt to any system. Or alternatively, we can recommend and install a specific system in your company. We can also keep your books in our accounting program.

What services do we offer?

  • Double-entry accounting including returns and final statements
  • Tax record keeping including tax returns
  • Accounting consulting
  • Accounting supervision
  • Payroll administration
  • Client representation before state authorities and insurance companies
  • Representation of foreign entities in tax proceedings
  • Financial analyses
  • Ensuring services of a tax consultant
  • Ensuring audit
  • Informing customers about changes in laws and their application in practice
  • Notifications of payment of taxes and tax advances (income tax, VAT, road tax etc.)
  • And more, as required and needed by the Client

FlexiBee - cloud-based accounting

Our company uses the FlexiBee accounting program from FlexiBee Systems s.r.o. The FlexiBee program supports Windows, Linux and Mac OS X operating systems with no difference. All supported systems are equal and they may be exchanged. A supported combination is, for example, a server with Linux, a workstation with Windows and a laptop with Mac OS X.

Our company offers on-line book keeping in FlexiBee via cloud. FlexiBee Systems s.r.o. takes care of the full operation of the service.

  • It is a modern method of server operation, where instead of several expensive servers we use a cloud. FlexiBee Systems has a developed infrastructure, so the service costs hundreds of Czech Koruna per user instead of thousands. And that all without any initial investment and in a safer way.
  • The system is easily and yet efficiently controllable from various platforms - from a computer, laptop, phone or tablet.
  • The application can communicate or print in several languages.

FlexiBee is a highly secure application:

  • FlexiBee uses strong encryption and procedures that are also used by large banks and state institutions.
  • Whatever is done in the system, will be recorded in the record of changes. A record cannot be changed or deleted by a user; therefore it can be identified at any time what was changed and by whom.
  • In the FlexiBee system, it is possible to easily set up user credentials, that is, where a user has access and which data are shown to him. The set-up enables that only data from her storage or centre are shown to a user so that no purchase prices are shown or that the user may not change an invoice, which has been printed, and much more.
  • The program allows protection of individual documents or an entire time period (e.g. after VAT) from changes. In addition, it also allows locking of documents so that the Client cannot change them but the accountant still can. Therefore, documents will always be under control.
  • Back-up is very easy because all data are always available on the server.

The program demo version may be downloaded for free from www.flexibee.eu for a trial. If you are interested in book keeping in FlexiBee, we will be happy to show it to you and possibly also train your employees in the program.

Methods, how our company will keep your books:
  • Our customer gives us documents; our company controls them all and enters them into the system. Subsequently, we will send reports to the customer as required.
  • The customer will enter documents into the system as instructed; our company will control them and enter them into the books. Subsequently, it will send reports to the customer as required.
  • The customer keeps its books in its own program; our company regularly visits the customer, controls all documents and enters them into the books.
  • Besides the above book keeping methods, it is possible to agree on developing a system tailored to the needs of your company. Our company fully respects customs and requirements of the customer.
What are the rights and obligations of the Client?
  • The Client is responsible for ensuring that all accounting documents submitted to the Provider are accurate and comply with relevant legal regulations.
  • If the Client is warned by the Provider of defects in the submitted accounting documents or other documents, the Client shall observe this warning and revise or amend the documents.
  • The Client agrees to submit documents for book keeping processing by the agreed deadline.

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